Advertise your business on Google...even without a website

Planning on advertising your business on Google? However you don’t have a website where people will land on? Worry no more. We understand that developing a website can be time consuming and cost provoking. Although we highly recommend that your business has a website atleast in due course, there are ways to get your products services out there without one. How you may ask? By simply having a landing page.

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What is a landing page

A landing page is a one pager that is hosted by a website that just promotes your business. It is branded with your brand and products and its sole purpose is to explain your offering and to encourage viewers to take an action such as purchase your offering. At Catapult advertising we offer such a service with the assistance of our sister website We basically dedicate a page on the site with your branding and products and this way we are able to run a Google ad that brings leads to the page. The landing page must have your products and services on offer and must also lead clients to a contact page or even make a call or send an email directly to you. We offer this service at the lowest cost of R1500 for start up businesses who are trying to get their businesses out in the social media space without a large advertising expense. Anyone can use the service and the budget is entirely up to you as to how much you want to use, obviously the more you can spare the more your ad will reach a wider target market.

CLICK HERE to contact us for this service. A landing page can be developed in literally minutes to an hour, followed by a Google ads campaign that will reach the people who are actively searching for your offering. Advertising is a critical part of any business, and this is our best effort product that will get your business noticed in a short space of time.

Contact us for more information and how we can make your business visible to Google today. 

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