Social media has become the number one media that consumers are using to receive information, it is highly interactive and most businesses are using these various platforms to advertise their offerings to the masses. Whether one is starting a business venture or is already in business, social media advertisng is paramount to spread teh message across to potential customers.

At Catault Advertising we help to advertise on the most used media platforms with a high success rate, saving you money and time while building your customer base. Platforms such as Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram are the most popular in reaching your customers .

eCommerce websites have seen a higher response rate when advertising on social media as they have made it easy for consumers to purchase products or services online, at Catapult Advertising we pride ourselves ion providing these services to bringing businesses to a higher profitabile level.

The cost of advertising on social media is really dependent on the size of the budget, the number of platforms to be used and the duration of the campaign.

Lead ads

Social media advertising in South Africa has certain challenges as opposed to the states for instance whereas some of the algorithms that work abroad are not available or too difficult to pursue in South Africa.

We have found a way to make every penny count when it comes to building a lead base for your customers. Lead ads are available across many online platforms and if done right they can keep a business busy with the much needed traffic from customers who need your product or service.

Display ads

A rarely used form of advertising which is actually an enormous gap and only utilised by a few businesses is Display ads. These ads can be an awesome way to remarket to individuals who have been on your site and didn’t take any action. Your banner or logo can be found in anywebsite where a display banner is available to remind customers of your offering, a powerful way to keep clients coming back to your site.

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